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Tyco Mobile Compliance App


  • Enhance existing learning and support model by expanding reach of knowledge objects to handheld devices; create new objects when necessary.
  • Strategy recommendations with how to design, develop and implement mobile content as performance support (as standalone resources or integrated with mobile CRM platform).
  • Offer multi modalities of delivery to accommodate different audiences and devices of end users.



  • Built and piloted client-side, task-specific modules, including text, hyperlinks, graphics, video and flash. Incorporated a “zoompod,” which enabled drop, drag, zoom manipulation to diagrams and images.
  • Developed and piloted a web- or client-side integrated delivery platform mirroring internal CRM solution. HTML approach, including tabs categorized relevant knowledge objects by “Manuals,” “Simulations,” Schematics,” and “Videos.” Additionally, included a recording and log feature for in-the-field authoring by employees.



  • Increased capabilities in access of critical knowledge employees need from a mobile device, when needed, instead of holding them accountable for memorizing insurmountable volumes of information (more than 200 categories of equipment).
  • Collaboration with different business groups across Tyco has sent the framework for joint-funded projects and enterprise-type deployment.
  • Published work has created internal knowledge and support from top leadership.